Excessive Exercise Raises the Risk of Early Death

Too much of anything is harmful and the same thing applies to exercise too. A recent study has shown that white men who exercise more than 7 hours per week have high chance (86%) of early death due to the plaque building up in their arteries.

According to the University of Illinois, men who do workouts more than 7 and half hours a week are 90% prone to early deaths due to the high development of plaque in their arteries by middle age compared to those who work out low (less than 2 and half hours).

Cardiologist Dr. Joel Khan said that it is important to maintain a counter balance. It is important to include stress reduction techniques along with daily exercise. Also, having a healthy diet is very important.

Following all of them in a balanced manner would not have any risk, he said.

Another professor of the University of Illinois said that these studies do not mean to say that exercise is bad for health. Perhaps white men might already face a higher risk of building up plaque in their arteries irrespective of the time being spent on exercise.

To analyse how exercise impacts the health of the heart, researchers have recruited 3200 black and white women and men. All the people who enrolled for this research are in the age group 18-30. They resided in 4 cities: Oakland, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Birmingham.

This study has few limitations like there were few black people who were high exercisers. This made the conclusions bit complex. Overall, doctors stated that people who do more exercise need not always be healthy. There are many other factors, which need to be taken into consideration.

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