Best Bitcoin Casino Guide: Play and Win!

Let’s play gentlemen! How many times have we heard this expression in popular culture? And in real casinos and gambling halls? And in the Internet? Even in the network of networks the online Casino tries to transmit that atmosphere of elegant game, entertainment, excitement and glamor, but … Do you get it?

We started this guide with the best bitcoin casinos this year with a selection that collects our favorites.

Ranking 15 Best online casinos in Europe with license

In our website we analyze, study, review and update the information of all the online gambling operators and the best bookmakers, giving them a further assessment based on that study, to bring only the best.

And for a much deeper analysis of each of them you can visit our website!

We value if they have the necessary license to operate in Europe legally as a first condition, and then their welcome bonuses, promotions, fees, customer service, mobile version or app, secure payment methods such as PayPal or software used. And, also very important, if it is possible to play the online casino for free.

Casino and live roulette

An online casino can only be an extraordinary casino and it is worth it if you have the option to play live roulette.

That’s why we always check and list the best live online casinos.

Take these three as an appetizer of what awaits you:

  • 888casino: it has the best live croupiers we’ve seen, and its limits are the highest. You can check it right now with the € 88 FREE for you
  • betfair Casino: one of the giants of online gaming has a casino to match. Check it with the 20 free spins and 300 € free they have for you.
  • bet365 Casino: the bookmaker with the most followers in the world also boasts an Internet casino. Your new player bonus with € 100 free is waiting for you if you accept their challenge

Top Casinos list

GoldenPark Casino

No Deposit Bonus

GoldenPark meets all quality standards when browsing your website and app

StarVegas Casino

No Deposit Bonus

Well now we are going to explain the conditions that the StarVegas bonus requires.

MerkurMagic Casino

As for the points to improvement, which there are also, we can say that it still does not offer

Circus Casino


After having made this analysis, it must be said that Circus perfectly meets the casino section

Bwin Casino

The three roulette rooms are actually the same, that is, they have the same dealer

Real money casino app

  • Not without my mobile! Or without my tablet, of course.
  • And every day we demand more that our entertainment be available at any time and in any place.
  • Something that our mobile devices, smartphone or tablets allow us.
  • In this sense, we believe that the paf casino app is the best why …

It has a fantastic design and … It gives you € 2 without deposit + € 10 free when making the first deposit, immediately!

It’s completely free and you can download it from Google Play or the App Store

They inform you of offers, contests and promotions that can take you on vacation to Las Vegas or Punta Cana just for kicking a few games …

Play online casino

We complete the sentence: it is an excellent idea!

And by itself our simple opinion of experts in online gaming with experience since 2001 will not help you, we are going to give you these 4 reasons:

It is completely free in most cases: you do not have to pay for an entrance or consume drinks, as in traditional casinos

You do not have to move, you can play in your pajamas if you want it from the comfort of your house or your friends’

Actually you can do it, as we have seen, from any place and time, since most are accessible from our mobile phone or tablet

You do not need to change your real money in chips and you can use secure methods like PayPal in the best online casinos

These are just some of them, can you think of yourself?

What is a casino?

Basically a place with capacity to house a certain selection of games of chance, open to the public or to a private group of partners.

They are usually located next to or inside other leisure, entertainment or hospitality facilities, such as hotels, cruise ships, shopping centers and other types of attractions.

The etymological origin of the word casino is found in the Italian casino or country house, perhaps related to the custom of the old European nobility to retire to these constructions in the field for their entertainment and entertainment, during which they would play at different types of games, many of which have evolved to the present.

Casino games and odds of winning in them

The variety of games available in online casinos licensed to operate in Europe varies among gaming operators.

This is a list that includes the most popular and our options to win in them:

Roulette: A pair (red) or Odd (black), we will always have a 47% chance to win … or lose.

Blackjack: around 40% of winning to the bank, depending on the casino and the croupier.

Baccarat: similar to Blackjack

Given: the 7 (my favorite number!) Is always synonymous with luck in betting, in part because it is the only one that has 6 possible combinations when we throw the two dice.

Slots: Here our possibilities are reduced to 20%, depending on the type of casino, slot machine and whether it is multi-line or not.

As we can see, there is a wide variety of games available, with which entertainment is guaranteed, as well as the option of prizes and chances of winning.

Tips to win at online casinos

In gambling there are no strategies that can ensure success, it is simply a matter of luck.

But if we can observe some recommendations, suggestions and tips that can give us more chances to win:

Our favorite casinos

Bwin Casino

200 Spins on Solar Stars

Play now!

Play for fun: it is the main motivation. In the Casino we will never win in the long term, unless we make large investments and hopefully compensate them with a higher final prize, which, realistically, is often very difficult. You have to value the game in the Casino as an expense in leisure more, in which if we are lucky we can compensate the expenses and even win some additional amount

Stick to a budget: How much money can I dedicate to my free time in casino games? Let’s respond and exercise responsible gaming, adjusting to a dedicated budget and being strict so we do not get out of that amount

Select the best bonuses: Here is a key that is one of the reasons to be a part of Our casino guide. All casinos and online gaming operators offer welcome bonuses and promotions, each with its conditions, advantages and disadvantages. Let’s study and select the ones that best fit our profile and bet with advantage and additional resources. An interesting option would also be to check if they offer us test games or we can play the online casino for free in that way

If you follow these three small tips we can assure you that your gaming experience in online casinos will be very satisfactory and safe.