History of gambling

The game as a form of leisure is as old as the man himself, and placing bets around the forecasts of the results of that game is a subsequent continuation of which we have reference in all phases of history from Sumeria and Classical Greece until the French Revolution passing through the China of the Emperors or the Europe of Napoléon.

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The first casino recognized as such, although not with that name, we can find in the Venetian Ridotto, created by the Grand Council of the Italian city-state in 1638 to control the game and bets that were made during the Carnival.

The history of the Ridotto would end in 1770, since it was closed by the authorities who thought impoverished the local nobility.

But the fondness for casino games would continue in other European courts, especially the French one, which would take the Casino to great refinement and sophistication during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Like poker, Casino games experienced a phase of boom and expansion in the United States in the form of saloon during the so-called Conquest of the West and successive fevers of gold in the final phase of the XIX.

So cities like New Orleans, San Luis, Chicago and San Francisco would have the first large casinos, in an expansion that would later have one of its centers in Atlantic City.

After the ban, the casinos would resurface, first in Nevada (with Las Vegas at the head) and later in other states.

Interesting facts:

– Human beings have played since the beginning of time!
– During the nineteenth century the games themselves were developed as we know them
– The arrival of the Internet takes them everywhere and thus we enjoy the online casino

Casinos on the Internet

The transformation of face-to-face casinos into online casinos came hand in hand with the rise of gaming software in the 70s of the past decade.

This software came to replace the mechanical processes that regulated many of the operations of the different types of games available, such as slot machines.

Soon the first software for Blackjack would be developed.

But it was the arrival of the Internet and its more or less massive accessibility during the 90’s that allowed to sophisticate the whole process by allowing different computers to connect with each other through network servers.

With the arrival of new laws and regulations of the game that allowed certain states in the USA to grant licenses to new operators, came the first private initiatives of software developers for online casino games.

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This was the case of Microgaming in 1994, pioneers in the development of this online software.

Subsequently, other companies such as Cryptologic provided the necessary security to make money transactions during the game and online bets.

So it is not surprising that they created in 1996 the first online casino: Intercasino.

Currently, in a process of continuous expansion and growth, there are more than 2300 online casinos (including virtual poker rooms and online sports betting houses).