Circus Casino

Casino, experience put to the test

This is the best part of Circus-casino, since it is clear that they were born for it. They are specialized in all types of online games, both in slot machines and in the most current games. In addition, you can also play European roulette, in which we must only choose the amount to bet at the beginning of the game and go placing our chips in the different numbers of the table. Yes, they are individual games so we should not wait for everyone to place their bets.

The good thing about Circus-casino is that it allows you to make demo games totally free in all the games so that everyone learns to play before starting to put money. This system is quite interesting because many people do not dare to start because they do not want the first items to be a waste of money. This way you first learn to play and then already, if you like it, you can put the euros.

Finally indicate that all games have the support of GAMING1.

Loyalty program: Virtually non-existent

Circus Casino does not have a loyalty program as such. However, you do earn points as you play in the casino. The only thing that indicates is that for every 1,000 points won in the games we are rewarded with € 10. To win 1 point you need to make € 10 in bets, although in roulette that point costs to bet € 30. As you can see, it is not an attractive loyalty program and can be considered the weakest part of the web.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds: Few options in both cases

To make a deposit in our account the only payment method is the credit or debit card, being able to choose between VISA, MasterCard or Maestro. Additionally we can also do it through the electronic method paysafecard.

Of course, both make the payment and receive the refund of the win is a fairly simple process. As for the payment, it is enough to put the data of our card, just as we do when buying online. The withdrawals are made only by putting the bank account in which we want to receive them.

Applications: Nonexistent

Circus has no application, neither in iOS nor in Android. In addition, according to what they have indicated, it does not seem that they will have it in the short or medium term. However, it is true that its website is responsive, since it adapts perfectly to both the mobile screen and the tablet.

Profiles in social networks

Circus has a profile on Facebook in which it serves its small community, informing about offers and promotions and also responding to the demands of users. Very useful.

Customer service: Efficient

Its technical support is summarized in some frequently asked questions related to deposits, with withdrawals, with the account, with the games and with the bonuses. If none of the questions can answer our question there is a form where we can send the question we want. Of course, they are quite quick to answer since they have taken no more than 7 minutes in the test we have done.

Security: can we trust this betting house?

Of course, like all the online gambling halls and bookmakers that we analyze in our casino guide, Circus has the licenses of games necessary to operate in our country, granted by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling, for which you have sufficient guarantee that any problem with them can be solved legally.

Regarding the payment method used, Hipay, it must be said that it is a well-known and safe international electronic payment platform. In this sense, you will not have problems either. We can totally trust Circus.

After having made this analysis, it must be said that Circus perfectly meets the casino section, although there is only the possibility of playing individual tables at European slots and roulette, as well as some other games of chance. In this sense, we miss the possibility of playing online poker, one of the most requested games on the internet. Of course, what he has is quite competent and interesting. In addition, free trials are a great help for beginners.

It also does so in the section on sports betting, where it does not lose out compared to other major betting houses, especially in its design, fees and welcome bonus. Do we give you a chance?


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